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Why we prefer to eat Augason Farms on a regular basis?

Who are we?

First let me introduce us as a family, we do not live off the grid in a faraway land, sustaining ourselves only on dehydrated food and what we can grow, catch, or raise but we are trying to be more self-sufficient as a general rule. We live in Fairbanks, AK and live a pretty normal life with one child that went to private Christian school through most of high school, one that is/went to public school, and one that is being homeschooled. Our children do extracurricular activities such as soccer and swimming and other sports on occasion. We enjoy shooting and are trying our hand at raised gardening. Pretty normal right?

Unlike many people, we do have, use, and restock our ever-growing and ever-changing preparations for upcoming disasters [man-made or natural]. Not to sound too gloom and doom but the chances of something happening are pretty good and we will get into those things in another email; this one is more about Augason Farms and why we prefer it to others.

Bottom Line

We like Augason Farms because they taste great, they are quick and easy to make, and they are available at a cost that is on par with and sometimes way cheaper than even non-dehydrated foods. I prefer the potato gems and the corn, as well as, the pancakes and the blueberries whereas, my wife prefers all the fruit [I think] and most of the vegetables. The kids are ambivalent to most of it but they have their favorites as well [my daughter is mostly like me but it is too hard to track my teenage son]. That is really it in a nutshell

[We do carry Wise Foods and even have some stored but for everyday use we do eat Augason Farms]

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